samedi 16 février 2013

The versatile Blogger Tag !

So Thank you my dear Astralys!! Because she gave me a Versatile Blogger Award. I'm gonna try to answer! Let's go !

 8 Things about me

 - I Like a lot animals

 - I love learning and speaking some languages
 - I like talking a lot
 - I like eat so much
 - I love drawing
 - I love strawberry a lot
 - I'm addict with drama tv
 - I'm the first fan of my nephew

- What is your second name ?

My second name is Laurie. 

- What's your best memory as a child ?

I really don't know, but if I need to say something, maybe something when I was 16 years and I create a festival about Japan. It was a pretty good experience!

- How many pairs of shoes do you own ?

 90 pairs of shoes.

- What comes first in your 2013 wishlist ?

The first thing that I 'd like in 2013 :
- I'd like my degree!!

-What's your latest beauty crush ?

- The best advice someone ever gave you ?

Never say never.

-The best advice you could ever give ?

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage tu pursue them

-Do you have a lucky charm ?

Yes, a blue bracelet !

-Which song can you listen on repeat ?

-What's your fashion obsession at the moment ?

-What talent do you wish to have ?

I'd like to draw better

-Your next beauty/fashion buy?

I think that I'm gonna buy The YSL Arty ring!!

-What's your goal for 2013?

My degree!! 

-The dish you loved ?


-The person who inspires you the most?

I find my inspiration in so much stuff but I love a lot Ayumi Hamasaki, Beyonce, David Lachapelle and so much models from Japan 

-If I say "glamour" ?

Marilyn Monroe, Jlo, XTina, Kate Moss

-Describe yourself in 5 words

Crazy, Positive, Happy, passionate  &  funny

Hard to find a person who is not tagged - With the same questions

8 commentaires:

  1. Sympas tes réponses et merci pour le tag :) je vais essayer de faire un truc pas trop pourri !

    1. Hate de voir tes reponses!!
      En tout de rien pour le tag ^^

      Merci pour ton commentaire et pour me lire!


  2. J'adore tes obessions du moment ! Les sacs michael kors sont superbe ! J'ai découvert la marque quand je suis montée sur Bordeaux. OMG les sacs, un peu cher, mais superbement girly !
    Je suis contente que tu as répondu à ce tag, ça permet de découvrir des petites choses qu'on ignore. (Je savais que tu avais participé à un festival mais le créer à 16 ans, c'est juste... wow !!)

    Gros bisous <3

    1. Ben de rien pour avoir répondu!! Ça m'a fait plaisir, j'avoue que les sacs Michael Kors j'en ai vu plein aux US mais carrément moins chers >_<
      Ouep apres par passion je fais pa smal de chose je suis toujours a 800% dans ce que je fais!!
      Merci pour ton commentaire ma belle!!


  3. Wow, a festival about Japan! awesome! Was it like bunkasai? :]
    Also, that's a ring you posted yeah for fashion obsession? I love it, it's so beautiful! *_*

    ~ ★MAI★ of

  4. Yeah it was a festival with cosplay,shops.... ^^
    The ring is I thing the next thing that I'm gonna buy. It's a YSL Arty Rings!!

    Thank you for your comment!!


  5. Pas de bol ma Choupette, mais j'ai déjà été tagguée x'D

    Merci en tout cas d'avoir pensé à moi ♥