jeudi 20 septembre 2012

Let the music play # 4

Hello gals!!

How are you doing??

Today I'm gonna show you some song, I'm listening a lot. I love Pop music and electronic music. 

This summer I loved a lot of song like Usher with Scream and  Jennifer Lopez with Goin' In.
And like every time I listened a lot of Kpop music and Mexican & Latin music.

The most famous star is PSY with Gangnam Style!! This song is so funny !!


In this last PV you can see Coba and Tulum some places in Mexico, I had change to go there 2 years ago. You can see some pictures HERE

Thank you so much to reading me!!
See you soon!!

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    1. hihihi that's right !!
      Thank you for your comment!!

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    1. Thank you Charlotta for your comment!!
      I love both songs and Usher's song is so good to dance ^^

  3. love this music list!
    very good songs to dance to!

    Xoxo Lil