lundi 11 juin 2012

Package ~from Japan~

Hi girls!!

Like I told you, I'm gonna do an update about my package from Japan that Séverine, Petit pain d'épice. She bought me some stuff that I wanted.

Thank you so much Séverine, you're so sweet and nice !!

In this package I found 2 magazines's march Blenda and Happie Nuts. In this Happie Nuts number Gilfy offered you a mirror. This Mirror is pretty good !!

And I also found a wonderful d.i.a.'s belt with fur and some metal chains with butterfly! She is so beautiful I love it so much!

I loved a lot everything in this package I'm gonna show you some outfits with this belt!
I'll do a new update soon !

Have a nice day !!
See you soon !!


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