mardi 12 juin 2012

Let the music play # 3

Hey girls!!

Let me show you why you can hear in my mp3 right now!!
I love so much kind of music (pop, rock, R&B..) and I love musics from around the world.
I love A-Do a singer from Singapore I discovered this wonderful singer in 2003, a friend of mine from China gave me his album. I fell in love when I listened his voice.

♥ One old song 

And He did a New album, you can see the first  PV on Youtube. This new album is wonderful and the first single is beautiful! This first song is Valentine's day !

♥Valentine's Day

I'm listening some Kpop songs too and right now I'm in love 2 songs! Like every time No more perfume on you by Teen Top and Alone by SISTAR !

♥No more perfume on you


                                                   I also listen some songs in english with Sean Paul & Rihanna !!

Thank you for reading !!
Kiss & hugs 

2 commentaires:

  1. I'm in love with "Where have you been" it's so catchy~

    1. Thank you for your Comment!!
      I'm so agree with you !! I love this song ^^ Xoxo