mercredi 19 octobre 2011

Kiko ~Nail polishes swatches~

Hi Girls!!

Comment allez vous??
How are you doing??

Je viens vous montrer (en retard) les swatch des vernis que j'ai acheté chez Kiko lors de mon escapade a Paris il y a quelques mois et ceux que j'avais deja.
Alors Je dois d'abord dire que vous pouvez y aller les yeux fermés sur les vernis Kiko, ils sont beaux, il y a du choix,ils sont de tres bonnes qualité, tiennent bien et sechent tres vite.
Pour certain il y a une tres bonne couvrance avec une couche et d'autre il faut y mettre 2 couches.
Mais vraiment pour 2€50 les filles ALLEZ -Y!!

I'm gonna show you (late) some swatches about Nail polishes by Kiko that I bought during my Paris trip some months ago.
I'd like to say that you can buy Kiko's nail polish because they are so good, pretty, you have a lot of colors, good quality, stays on a long time and dries so fast.
For some nail polishes you need to apply one coat and for other, 2 coats.
But for 2€50 girls LET'S GO!!

 Voici les swatchs des vernis Kiko, avec les numeros de ces derniers.

Kiko n* 318    

Kiko N*345

Kiko N* 275

Kiko N*319

Kiko N*348

Kiko N*336

Kiko N*236

kiko N*344

Kiko N*221

J'espere que ces photos vous donnes une idée des couleurs ^^
I hope those pictures give you a good idea about colors^^

See you soon 
Thank you for reading !!

8 commentaires:

  1. ooh i love no. 948! 945 reminds me of "for audrey" from china glaze.
    i wish i have access to kiko cosmtics! they look so tempting not to mention those gorgeous eye shadoew quads..(drool) ;p

  2. The nail polish are really pretty! Your nails are so well cared for! How do you do it?

  3. happy to visit you friend
    great blog
    from Turkey

  4. 2nd one's my favorite color. So much easier lookin at them these way...thks for sharing these lovely palettes!


  5. Lena--> Thank you for your comms!! Yes the kiko's nail polishes are so wonderful and they have a lot of different colors.Hehe I hope that you'll can try Kiko Cosmetics!xoxo

    Nana--> Thank you, if you want I can make a post with the products that I use for my nails!xoxo

    Lalique -->Thank you!! xoxo

  6. Marie beauty--> Ouiii!!! je l'aime beaucoup celui-ci^^

    Melissa Tchieu--> you're welcome! The second one is beautiful ^^ BTW i love your blog

  7. Nice Babe~ All the colors are really pretty <3

    How I wish i can get it too =)