mercredi 10 août 2011

skincare routine & Adorable Present

Je reviens aujourd'hui pour vous presenter ma skincare routine, bien sûr rien de bien impressionant.
Je change de temps en temps ma routine, car j'ai peur que ma peau s'habitue aux produits.
Allons y!!Je vais donc vous montrer les produits que j'utilise maintenant!

I'm coming back with a new update, because i'd like to show you my skincare routine, it's not very impressive.
I changed my routine from time to time, because I'm affraid that my skin get accustomed to products.
Let's go!!I'm gonna show you the products that I'm using right now!

Evian's mineral water spray

Sephora's Cleansing oil & L'oreal's Gel cleanser

J'utilise cette huile et ce savon matins et soirs apres avoir utilisé mon brumisateur d'eau minerale naturelle Evian.

I use this oil and this soap every morning and night, after have used my  Evian mineral water spray.

Clarins creme haute exigence jour &  Dior Capture Sculpt 10

J'utilise cette creme de jour clarins chaque matin et chaque soir j'utilise la creme Dior.

I use this Clarins day cream every morning and  every night I used the Dior cream  

Et 2 fois par semaine j'utilise le masque de chez Lush La grande Mentheuse ainsi que le gommage doux perfect clean de chez l'Oreal

Et petite surprise que m'a fait ma petite Ichigo, un petit cadeaux bien sympa dont voici des photos

Merci encore ^^

Je vous dis a bientôt
merci pour me suivre et pour lire mes articles.

Xoxo thanks for reading

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  1. I like that wallet.^^

  2. l like your blog :)
    and your header!

  3. Marina Thank you so much!! I'll follow your blog ^^

  4. Hello Moeri. I accidentally came across your blog but didn't want to leave without commenting on your French. Very cool to see. My wife and I visited Paris in may 2011. It was our first time there. Fabulous. And to listen to all the spoken French was great. I speak Italian and Spanish but no French. But it is a beautiful language.
    I write a blog aboutfood and my musings on life. Visit if you get a chance. Thanks

  5. you're so beautiful in that banner picture! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing your beauty favourites, always interesting to see. x

  7. Mario--> Thank you!! I'm gonna go on your blog, I love food ^^

    Sara--> Unfortunately it's not me on my banner picture ToT

    LittleRus--> Thanks I love that too!